La Fabbrica delle Candele


Manufacturing between passion and tradition

Passion, tradition and care are the main instruments that "La Fabbrica delle Candele" use for every single step of working. When we make one of our candle we pick from our knowledge of experience and tecniques that we developed through the years. Probably the most known style is the "Millefiori" method, where the candle is built it up by layers of wax. We start from a base of plain wax (made by us), we make different baths of coloured wax and cold water -used to fix every layer. Once we get the perfect volume, we start to carve the candle -still hot- showing all the inside colours choosen previously. We don't have more than few minutes to do it, because after that the candle will be too cold and the wax breakable. At the end of the day (when the candle set) we can glaze it with a natural resin that will give it a shiny look. This treatment has the function to make washable the candle not letting the colours to ruin over the years. The candle can be used also. Coming to visit the shop you'll discover more tecniques ....beautiful waxed flowers or Tuscany's hills hand painted on ivory candles, but we don't want to tell you more about us, because it's impossible to describe and to pass down by words the passion that we put in our job. Let curiosity guides you!!!!