La Fabbrica delle Candele

What La Fabbrica delle Candele is

Our History

Since 2001 "La Fabbrica delle Candele" is a magic place where visitors can witness the creation of the wax from her natural condition to in an artistic candle, decoreted and painted by hand. Every creation of "La Fabbrica delle Candele" are realized with a trade mark: over the quality  you can find the incredible experience to feel by hand and to see  with your eyes the making process of the wax shaped in front of you. A great choice of colours and shapes added to the possibility of customization make our candles an adaptable product, perfect for different occasions and events. Without forget the added worth that one simple candle can give to your rooms design: an item made by light and art that can give life and happiness to fornitures and to your home's spaces. What makes special every creation of  "La Fabbrica delle Candele" is the long experience of two artisans that teached us this work, transmittng the process tecnics, the passion, the curiosity and the responsibility to this old and fascinating art. The passion is a crucial element of our work: this deep love makes us possible to give the right attention and care to every single creation, getting an unique and unreplaceble product. The curiosity was born from the constant artistic motivation always put through to find new originals ideas and at the same time adaptable to situations and events in simples and specials ways. The responsibility is in the strong decision to use always materials that don't put a risk on our's clients health and at the same time to not disappoint their expectations. 

Come to visit us in our shop, near to Piazza del Campo and come to discover the colours and the art of "La fabbrica delle Candele".

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